Nilson Kunioshi

Kunioshi, Nilson (国吉 ニルソン), Professor

ResearchMap site : https://researchmap.jp/nilson_kunioshi

Personal web site : https://kunilab.w.waseda.jp/

E-mail : [nilson@waseda.jp]

While teaching technical writing skills for research paper publication, I conduct research on analysis of chemical reactions through computational approaches, and also about the influence of cultural background on science education through a corpus of lectures (OnCAL) and of oral presentations (JECPRESE). As a non-native speaker of English and an active researcher publishing research papers and seeking research funds in science and engineering, I can understand the needs of science and engineering students, from my own experience.


  • Graduated from Univ. of São Paulo (Chemical Engineering), 1985
  • Dr.Eng. in Combustion Chemistry, Kyoto Univ., 1993

Current CELESE responsibilities

Administrative roles : Coordinator of part-time staff hiring

Courses : Special Topics in Functional English, Advanced Technical Reading and Writing, Doctoral Student Technical Writing

Research areas and interests

Language and culture in science education, Dynamics and kinetics of chemical reactions at gas/solid surfaces, Dynamics and kinetics of chemical reactions in aqueous solutions

Representative works

  • J. Noguchi & N. Kunioshi (in press). Genre-based, corpus-supported writing courses for science and engineering students at Japanese universities. In STEM English in Japan, edited by G. Hill, J. Falout, M. Apple. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • K. Noda, Y. Jagawa, A. Fuwa, & N. Kunioshi (2021). Pressure dependence of rate coefficients of unimolecular and chemical activation reactions connected to the potential energy wells of chlorinated monosilanes by RRKM calculations. International Journal of Chemical Kinetics 53 (9), 1036–1049.
  • N. Kunioshi, E. Hara, R. Kurihara, T. Shiotani, and K. Yamaguchi (2021). Computational analysis of chemical reactions in the mineralization of phospholipids. 15th International Conference on Materials Chemistry.
  • N. Kunioshi (2020). Panelist in the ICLHE (Integrated Content and Language in Higher Education) East Asia Regional Group Symposium held in Gakushuin University on 18 January 2020.
  • N. Kunioshi, Y. Fujimura, A. Fuwa, & K. Yamaguchi (2018). Dynamics of reactions inhibiting epitaxial growth of Si(100) surfaces via interaction with hydrogen chloride, Computational Materials Science 155, 28-35.
  • N. Kunioshi, J. Noguchi, & K. Tojo (2019). Evidence of cultural differences between American and Japanese mainstream science and engineering contexts from analysis of classroom discourse, European Journal of Engineering Education 44(4) Special issue (Re)Thinking Higher Engineering Education, 535-544.
  • N. Kunioshi (2020). Panelist in the ICLHE (Integrated Content and Language in Higher Education) East Asia Regional Group Symposium held in Gakushuin University on 18 January 2020.
  • リ コウ,空岡 利奈,細井 厚志,国吉ニルソン (2021).量子化学計算によるCFRTP積層板の接着剤としてのシランカップリング剤の性能評価.日本化学会第101回春季大会,東京,2021年3月.
  • 井上岳紀,国吉ニルソン,山口勉功 (2021). DFT計算によるSi結晶表面上のCO2水素化反応機構の解析.日本化学会第101回春季大会,東京,2021年3月.


  • Recent grants
    • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research C, No. 21K09963. Principal investigator. Designing of novel bone-inducing molecules by an experimental-computaional approach. 2021-2023.
    • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research B, Co-investigator. グローバル化する理工系高等教育における英語を介した講義と教授文化の関連性の解明明 (Elucidation of the relationship between culture and classroom discourse in the globalizing science and engineering higher education). 2019-2021.
    • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research B, No. 16H03068, Principal Investigator. 英語と日本語を介した科学教育における言語の役割の解明 (Elucidation of the role of language in science instruction through English and Japanese). 2016-2018.
    • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research B, No. 24300273, Principal Investigator. 英語を介した理工系高等教育の向上を支援するシステムの開発 (Development of an online system to support English Medium Instruction in science and engineering). 2012-2015.
    • 東芝デバイス&ストレージ株式会社学術奨励制度 (Toshiba Devices & Storage/Waseda University Joint Cooperation Grant), Principal Investigator. シリコン固体表面上の二酸化炭素吸着と水素化 (Adsorption and Hydrogenation of Carbon Dioxide over Solid Silicon Surfaces). 2020-2021.