TOEIC Test Information and Policies


Although the core CELESE curriculum offers no explicit preparation for The Test of English for International Communication (i.e., TOEIC), the test does have some important functions in the CELESE program. This page gives information about how the test results are used by CELESE and explains some important policies regarding the test.

All students at the Faculty of Science and Engineering are encouraged to take the TOEIC. First-year students are expected to take TOEIC-IP twice (i.e., once just before the beginning of their first year and once at the end of each of their fall-semester) with the cost covered by the University. Second-, third-, and fourth-year students are encouraged to take the official TOEIC. A discount is available from the University. Information about the TOEIC-IP and the official TOEIC will be sent directly to students by the Education Office (教学支援課).

For students, the TOEIC provides one measure of the advancement of their English communication proficiency. For departments, the test provides some additional information for employment guidance. For CELESE, the results are used to help place students into groups of similar proficiency in CELESE classes.


Because the TOEIC test is important to students, the departments, and CELESE, several policies are in place to ensure the effective operation of the test and the reliability of the results.

Test administration

Although CELESE requires first-year students to take the TOEIC IP tests, the official TOEIC test is administered by IIBC and students can apply for it at Waseda Seikyo. Students should follow Seikyo’s instructions with regard to the scheduling and preparation for the test. Any inquiries about the administration of the test itself should be made directly to Seikyo or IIBC.

Frequently asked questions

I forgot to take the test. Will my grade in my English class go down as a result?

The TOEIC results have no influence on final grades in CELESE English classes. However, they do have an effect on subsequent placement. See the placement information page for a detailed explanation of this.

I lost my test result paper. How can I get a new one?

For TOEIC IP: Contact the Education Office (教学支援).
For offical TOEIC: Contact IIBC.

How can I prepare for the test?

CELESE English classes in year 1 and 2 do not provide explicit preparation and training for the TOEIC. There are many practice books available in the library as well as commercially in bookstores.

Furthermore, there are many on-line resources (some free, some fee-based) for test preparation.

Students may also consult with their teachers who may be able to give them some specific and tailored advice.

Why should I take the test in my third and fourth years, even though I’ve finished the CELESE required courses?

Almost all employers require applicants to submit their most recent TOEIC scores. Therefore, it is useful for students to be aware of their current level. If their score drops, they still may have time to take action and raise it before beginning the job search process.

My English level is really low and I know I’ll get a low score and be placed in the lowest class. Why should I take the test?

It’s important for students to keep track of their TOEIC scores, and an annual test is a useful way to do this. Furthermore, departments also need to track their students’ performance for the sake of academic guidance.