Statement on Academic Honesty

CELESE courses require students to participate in a variety of academic activities including doing assignments, preparing reports, and taking quizzes and tests. Throughout all of these activities, students are expected to uphold fundamental standards of academic honesty consistent with Waseda University regulations. Students are expected to produce work that is original in substance and to properly acknowledge sources they have relied on in producing their work. The following cases, for example, would be regarded as breaches of academic honesty.

The examples listed above are not exhaustive, but should help to clarify where the standards are in several typical cases.

According to Waseda University and Faculty of Science and Engineering regulations, students who commit academic dishonesty will be suspended for three months and have all registrations for the current term invalidated, as a general rule. Academic dishonesty in CELESE classes will not be tolerated. Students who are suspected of having committed an act of academic dishonesty will be questioned. Confirmed cases will then be handled according to university guidelines. More serious cases will be referred to the Senior Dean’s Office for handling.

The Faculty of Science and Engineering has released two documents regarding academic dishonesty that all students should read in order to understand the policy and to obtain guidance on how to avoid academic dishonesty. Both documents are written in both English and Japanese.

Students who have questions about what constitutes academic dishonesty should consult with their instructors. “I didn’t know” will not be regarded as a sufficient defense.

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