Reading Recommendations

The following publications include journal articles and books that are recommended by the Waseda University science and engineering faculty. They represent publications that are historically relevant, are current hot topics, or otherwise provide a good introduction to the various specialist fields listed here. These are authentic specialist materials, so students and teachers should preview them before committing to reading them in order to see if the difficulty level is suitable.

Fundamental Science and Engineering (基幹理工)

Mathematics (数学)

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Applied Mathematics (応用数理学)

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Applied Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering (機械科学・航空学)

Electronic and Photonic Systems (電子光システム学)

Computer Science and Engineering (情報理工学)

Communications and Computer Engineering (情報通信学)

Intermedia Art and Science (表現工学)

Creative Science and Engineering (創造理工)

Architecture (建築学)

Modern Mechanical Engineering (総合機械工学)

Civil and Environmental Engineering (社会環境工学)

Socio-Cultural Studies (社会文化領域)

Physics (物理学)

Applied Physics (応用物理学)

Chemistry and Biochemistry (化学・生命化学)

Applied Chemistry (応用化学)

Life Science and Medical Bioscience (生命医科学)

Electrical Engineering and Bioscience (電気・情報生命工学)