Technical Writing 1

Course Overview

Course Description

In this course, students will develop the scientific and technical reading and writing skills they need to understand and construct research articles. First, students will learn what research or the research process is and how it is reflected in the writing of a research paper. Students will plan and carry out a short research project, and write up the results of the project as a research paper after learning about the characteristic features of each section of research papers. In introductions, they will see how expert writers summarize previous work using references and citations. Then, they will learn how to explain materials, methods, and processes in the correct tense and voice in the materials and methods section. Subsequently, they will learn how to write up the results and discussion of their research, displaying data in the form of tables and charts, explaining trends and patterns in their data, and adjusting the strength of their options with hedging devices. Finally, students will learn how to summarize their entire research paper in the form of a short one or two paragraph abstract.

Course goals

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