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Kunioshi and collaborators publish new paper in Physical Chemistry A

Nilson KunioshiTogether with collaborators Kaito Noda, Yoshihiro Jagawa, and Akio Fuwa, Nilson Kunioshi has published a new paper in The Journal of Physical Chemistry A on the calculations of chemical reaction rate coefficients. See the link below for more informaton on the article and a free download.

Kaito Noda; Yoshihiro Jagawa; Akio Fuwa; Nílson Kunioshi. (2022) Pressure Dependence of Rate Coefficients of Unimolecular and Chemical Activation Reactions Connected to the Potential Energy Wells of Si2H2Cl4, Si2Cl6, and Si2Cl4 via Rice–Ramsperger–Kassel–Marcus Calculations. In The Journal of Physical Chemistry A.