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Judy Wang Awarded Prestigious TAF Grant for Pioneering Educational Technology Research

CELESE is delighted to share an exciting development involving one of our members, Judy Wang, who was recently honored at the prestigious grant presentation ceremony organized by the Telecommunications Advancement Foundation. The event, held on March 21st at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, celebrated grant winners and outstanding contributors in the fields of telecommunications, humanities and cross-disciplinary research. 

Wang, the principal investigator, along with co-investigator John Gayed, Assistant Professor from the Global Education Center (GEC) at Waseda University, are embarking on an ambitious project entitled “Development of an Automated Writing Evaluation System for English Argumentative Essays with Large Language Models.” By developing a system that provides immediate, precise feedback on argumentative essays, their work promises to enhance the educational journey of students around the globe, enabling them to hone their writing skills and articulate their thoughts more effectively. 

The ceremony saw Wang, the representative for all grant winners in cross-disciplinary research, receiving the award from Mr. Akimoto, the esteemed chairman of the Telecommunications Advancement Foundation. This recognition is a testament to the exceptional quality of Wang’s research and its potential to make a significant impact on both the academic and technological communities. 

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Wang’s team and look forward to their continued contributions to the field of educational technology and cross-disciplinary studies.Akimoto and WangTAF awardees 2024