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Learning Disabilities in University Students – Rachel Dryer, Ph.D.

CELESE is pleased to announce that Dr. Rachel Dryer of the School of Psychology at Charles Sturt University (Bathurst, Australia) will give a public lecture as follows.

Learning Disabilities (LD) in University Students: Ways in Which Their Needs Can Be Supported Within the University Environment

Friday, July 27th, 2012; 16:30-18:00

Waseda University Nishi-Waseda Campus, Building 55S, 2nd Floor, Conference Room 4 (map)

Abstract: It is now well recognized that learning disabilities (LD) persist into adulthood and that subsets of individuals who enrol in university studies have either diagnosed or undiagnosed learning disabilities. This presentation will discuss definitions of LD, the nature of deficits observed in adults with LD, and the impact of LD on adulthood. A discussion of how students with LD can be supported within the university environment (e.g., assessment practices and procedures) will also be presented.

About the presenter: Dr. Rachel Dryer (web site) teaches psychological testing and assessment to both undergraduate and postgraduate students at Charles Sturt University (Bathurst, Australia). Her research interests are in the areas of developmental conditions (e.g., LD, ADHD). Her research projects reflect an interest in examining not only a range of theoretical and applied questions but also clinical and social issues.

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