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Special Lecture on the Japanese-French Dictionary Project


We are pleased to announce the following special lecture will be taking at CELESE:

Title: Special Lecture on the Japanese-French Dictionary Project


Time & Day: July 25, 2019 (Thursday) 18:15–20:00

Venue: Bldg. 51 Floor 5 Room 12 (51-05-12) CELESE Conference Room, Nishi-Waseda Campus

Intended Audience: Faculty members, Graduate Students, Anyone interested in information science and technology, language and linguistics, and culture and education

18:15-18:18 Opening—Kristopher McEown, CELESE

18:18-18:28 Preliminary talk—Fusa Katada, CELESE
“The early days of machine translation and roles of international languages:
from Esperanto to SYSTRAN and English”

18:28-19:28 Lecture—Mathieu Mangeot, Savoie Mont-Blanc University and GETALP-LIG, France
“Collaborative construction of a good quality, broad coverage and copyright free
Japanese-French dictionary”

19:30-19:58 Questions and Answers
19:58-20:00 Closing—Kristopher McEown, CELESE

Lecture Abstract:
Although French and Japanese are regarded as well-resourced languages concerning tools and linguistic resources, the French-Japanese couple is considered an under-resourced language
pair regarding its availability on the Web. Indeed, there are few bilingual electronic lexical resources of quality and which are both royalty and copyright free. French-Japanese bilingual aligned corpora and machine translation systems are equally rare. Fortunately, there are printed French-Japanese dictionaries of good quality and which are sufficiently old to be royalty-free. The Cesselin dictionary is one of such dictionaries.

During this talk, I will explain the jibiki.fr dictionary construction process and show a demo of the talk on the jibiki project (website below), including the dictionary lookup and editing interfaces,
the French-Japanese bilingual corpus, and the experimental active reading module for intercomprehension between sinogramic languages.


Lecturer’s short bio:
Mathieu Mangeot-Nagata, Ph.D., is associate professor at Savoie Mont-Blanc University and member of the GETALP research group of Grenoble Laboratory of Informatics (LIG) in France. He is
a researcher in Natural Language Processing, focusing on environments and usage of lexical resources. He is more specifically working on the French-Japanese language pair and African languages.

Contact Information:
Fusa Katada (E-mail: katada@waseda.jp)

Link to flyer: Click here